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The four sons of white South African Sixties rocker John Kongos were born overseas but came of age in Phoenix, and their mix of pan-African instrumental styles with familiar first-pumping rock feels both cosmopolitan and disorienting. Johnny’s accordion wheezes in the tradition of the South African jive that inspired Paul… Source: RollingStone Link: Egomaniac


Kaleo hail from Mosfellsbær, Iceland, but you wouldn’t know it by frontman JJ Julius Son’s fine-tuned biker-soul growl or the overheated garage blues on the band’s major-label debut. “No Good,” which appears on the soundtrack to HBO’s Vinyl, stomps like the Black Keys at their meatiest, and “Broken Bones” is… Source: RollingStone Link: A/B

Fitz & the Tantrums

Fitz & the Tantrums have lost their soul – literally. Less than a decade ago, the group was singing Motown-influenced emotional soul, gilded with electro flourishes, and their 2010 single “MoneyGrabber” became a throbbing breakout hit. Then they focused more on pop on 2013’s More Than Just a Dream, earned… Source: RollingStone Link: Fitz & […]


It’s been almost 20 years since Blink-182 first blazed a pants-less trail across rock radio. But the pop-punk trio are still a generational touchstone: If you missed your junior prom because you passed out in the back of a rented limo while your date took off to hook up with… Source: RollingStone Link: California

..It's Too Late To Stop Now… Volumes II, III, IV & DVD

Drawn from a fabled string of shows, Van Morrison’s 1974 …It’s Too Late To Stop Now… (named for the shout that caps the outrageously teased-out ending of “Cypress Avenue,” his usual set closer) is rightly considered among the best live LPs ever. This companion culls from three of the 1973… Source: RollingStone Link: ..It's Too […]

Strange Little Birds

The sixth Garbage album could’ve been released in 1995. Yet it’s still totally relevant; singer Shirley Manson’s brooding edge and producer-drummer Butch Vig’s mix of sheer guitar buzz and moody industrial texture stake their claim as forebears to artists like Sky Ferreira and even Lana Del Rey. Manson plays the… Source: RollingStone Link: Strange Little […]

The Blue Swell

On The Blue Swell, Brooklyn duo Beverly has guitars that tumble, froth and curl like waves. But the closest singer Drew Citron gets to cooling off is sipping a blue Slurpee outside 7-Eleven. “I still think you do/The things that we would talk about in the parking lot,” she sings on… Source: RollingStone Link: The Blue […]