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Loaded: Re-Loaded 45th Anniversary Edition

The Velvets’ last album is generally seen as their least. It suffers dubious production and lacks drummer Moe Tucker, due to her pregnancy; Lou Reed left the band before its release and, as he’d later complain, his songs were hacked down (notably “Sweet Jane” and “New Age”) and his intended… Source: RollingStone Link: Loaded: Re-Loaded […]

Weekend Rock Question: What Is the Best Peter Gabriel Song?

South Park gave Peter Gabriel fans a very unexpected treat this week when they played a big chunk of his “The Book of Love” cover during a wonderfully bizarre episode about Tweek and Craig’s supposed gay romance. Gabriel recorded the Magnetic Fields tune on his 2010 covers collection Scratch My Back. Now… Source: RollingStone Link: Weekend […]

Amy Lee Talks Evanescence Reunion, New Music Plans

In November, Amy Lee and Evanescence will end a three-year hiatus with an intimate short tour leading up to a headlining spot at Tokyo’s Ozzfest. Before entering rehearsals next week, Lee has confirmed to Rolling Stone during a soon-to-be-published interview that there are currently no plans for new music from… Source: RollingStone Link: Amy Lee […]

New Music Friday: Trey Anastasio, Def Leppard, EL VY

Heads up: It’s Friday! That means a tasty crop of new music releases available on your favorite digital retailer, streaming service, or even at a real, live record store if you can find one. Check out these brand-new albums, all out today, October 30th. Phish frontman Trey Anastasio spent this summer… Source: RollingStone Link: New […]

Hear Azealia Banks' Sultry, Slowed-Down Fall Out Boy Remix

Fall Out Boy release their rap-remix album Make America Psycho Again on Friday and to tease the new set, the band has released the Azealia Banks-assisted remix of “The Kids Aren’t Alright.” The slowed-down take on the rock track features only one verse from Banks at the beginning before launching into the Fall Out Boy portion…. Source: RollingStone Link: Hear […]

Party On: Queen's Brian May Remembers 'Bohemian Rhapsody' on 40th Anniversary

Tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary of Queen’s monumental prog-opera-pop-metal hit “Bohemian Rhapsody,” a tune that topped the charts in the U.K. in 1975 and then nearly repeated the feat in America in 1992 thanks to an especially iconic lip-sync in Wayne’s World. Its influence cannot be overstated, practically inventing the… Source: RollingStone Link: Party On: […]

Hear Pope Francis' Somber New Song 'Por Que Sufren los Ninos?'

Pope Francis doesn’t release his prog rock-infused Wake Up! – a collection of his most enduring speeches paired with contemporary music – until November 27th. But on Friday, the Pontiff shared a second track from the album: the somber, choir-backed “¿Por Qué Sufren los Niños?” The track’s title translates to “Why do children suffer?,”… Source: RollingStone Link: Hear Pope […]