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10 Craziest Beefs in MTV VMA History

Sitting through award shows often feels like a sad marathon; at least when running 26 miles, you can brag on Facebook. Every so often, though, someone at MTV’s Video Music Awards pierces through the artifice of thank-you speeches and politicking to show what happens when people stop being polite and start being real…. Source: RollingStone Link: 10 Craziest […]

Janet Jackson Opens World Tour With New Song Featuring Missy Elliott

Janet Jackson launched her world tour in Vancouver Monday night, and though her set was reportedly a hit-heavy 32 songs long, the show opened with a new Unbreakable track featuring Missy Elliott. A fan-shot video captured the opening moments of the show, which featured a Hitchcockian intro video filled with swarming birds as Jackson delivered a spoken… Source: RollingStone Link: Janet […]

Watch Sensual New Video From Apple Music–Backed Songwriter Loren Kramar

Ever since his first single, “My Life,” got a sneak debut in June during the WWDC mega-conference unveiling of Apple Music, the question has lingered: Who is Loren Kramar? Googling the unsigned artist reveals a minimal digital footprint. With an only recently active Twitter, no previously released tunes and little coverage of… Source: RollingStone Link: Watch Sensual […]

See Chris Young Romance the Opry With 'I'm Comin' Over'

A self-described country music history buff, Chris Young says he’ll sing on the Grand Ole Opry whenever he gets the chance, and on August 4th he stepped on country’s most fabled stage to introduce his new single, “I’m Comin’ Over.”  On top fulfilling his childhood dreams and basking in the spirit… Source: RollingStone Link: See Chris […]

Keith Richards Talks First Solo LP in 23 Years: 'Time Flies!'

“Louder!” says Keith Richards, raising his index finger as he peers into a sound booth at New York’s Electric Lady Studios. Soon, “Crosseyed Heart,” a raw Delta-blues stomp, blares from the speakers. The room is filled with the sound of Richards’ fingerpicked acoustic guitar and familiar growl as he sings… Source: RollingStone Link: Keith Richards […]

Dave Davies on Reviving the Kinks: 'Where There's Life, There's Hope'

Two years ago, Dave Davies told Rolling Stone there was a “50/50 chance” of a Kinks reunion in the near future, but the singer-guitarist now says those odds have been downgraded. “I’d say there’s an outside shot,” he tells Rolling Stone. “But where there’s life, there’s hope. I know Ray has a lot coming… Source: RollingStone Link: Dave Davies […]

Meet the Republican Who Launched the 'Ready for Kanye' PAC

Following Kanye West’s VMAs declaration that he wants to run for president in 2020, 24-year-old Baltimore-native Eugene Craig on Monday registered and filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to register the Ready for Kanye political action committee. Craig, whose favorite Kanye album is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, spoke to Rolling Stone about his reasons… Source: RollingStone Link: Meet […]